Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller

Reporting for Jury Duty

PLEASE NOTE: The Government building is currently under construction, the area designated for juror parking as indicated on your summons is not available at this time. Parking may be problematic so if you can, try and arrive early. The security station will allow jurors entry starting at 7:30am.

You can find information regarding jury service on our Facebook page,   https://www.facebook.com/HernandoClerkofCourt/ or our Twitter account.  If you would like to call to find out if you must still report for jury duty, call the juror information line located on the top of the summons after 5:00 PM the day before (or the weekend before) you must come to court. A recorded message will state whether you need to report as indicated. If there is no message on that line, or if the telephone line is not in operation, please report for jury duty as indicated on the summons.


All prospective jurors are officially released from jury duty the week of June 5, 2023. We greatly appreciate your willingness to serve. You are no longer required to check if your juror number is needed. You are all released for the week. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! .

**MESSAGE UPDATED 06-02-2023**

Please report to the Hernando County Courthouse, 1st Floor Rm 164, Jury Assembly Room. You may wish to bring reading or writing materials as delays may occur during jury assignment and processing. Juror parking is located at the Records Retention Center behind the Courthouse. A shuttle to the Courthouse will be provided. Please dress appropriately in normal business attire; you may want to bring a jacket or sweater since the courtrooms are air conditioned.

If you cannot attend as a juror on the date on which you are summoned for, you may request a postponement. Pursuant to F.S. 40.23 jury service may be postponed for a period of six months upon request. To request a Postponement/Excusal, you may mail the Excusal Form located on the lower portion of your summons. The address are located on the summons or you may deliver it in person with the required documentation to the Jury Management Office at the Hernando County Courthouse or click the button below for an on-line Postponement/Excusal Form.

If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodations in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator at the Office of the Trial Court Administrator, Hernando County Courthouse, 20 North Main Street, Brooksville, Florida 34601, Telephone (352) 754-4402, at least 7 days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. 

Jury service is essential to the functioning of our judicial system and to the operation of our entire system of government. Jurors perform the crucial task of deciding the case upon the evidence which the lawyers present and by applying to that evidence the law upon which the judge instructs them. Jury service is the duty of all qualified individuals because we all enjoy the privileges of citizenship and the protection of our liberty and property afforded by the judicial system.

To be qualified for jury duty, you must be a United States Citizen at least 18 years of age, a Hernando County resident, and possess a Florida Driver’s License or ID card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Jury lists are pulled from the DHSMV database.

Carefully read all information and instructions on your summons. If, after reading the information you still have questions, contact the Jury Clerk at the number listed on the front of your summons. Your juror number is located next to the date on your summons.

You may review this page to determine whether you need to report for Jury Duty. The above message is updated to display the most recent information.

Payment to Jurors

Jurors who are regularly employed and receiving wages during jury duty are not entitled to compensation for the first three days of jury service. Jurors who are not regularly employed or who do not receive regular wages during jury duty are entitled to $15 per day for the first three days of jury service. Jurors who serve more than three days will be paid by the State for the fourth and subsequent days of service at a rate of $30 per day.

A juror who receives unemployment benefits does not lose such benefits because he receives compensation for juror service. The sheriff, when required by order of the court, shall provide juries with meals and lodging, the expense to be taxed against and paid by the state.

If you have any questions, please contact the Jury Management Office at (352) 540-6399, before the scheduled reporting date.