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alt textProject 118- Criminal Evidence Inventory Review, Follow Up 1 & Civil Evidence Inventory Review - 12-22-04.pdf47.88 KB
alt textProject 117- Exhibits for BCC-Animal Services Department Cash Transaction Cycle Management Assurance and Consulting Project - 11-22-04.pdf37.31 KB
alt textProject 117- BCC-Animal Services Department Cash Transaction Cycle Management Assurance and Consulting Project, Phase II - 11-22-04.pdf53.13 KB
alt textProject 116- BCC Parks and Recreation Division Cash Transaction Cycle Consulting Project, Phase II - 11-16-04.pdf43.78 KB
alt textProject 115- Fleet Management Operations & Maintenance Program- Spectrum Consulting - 09-09-04.pdf37.32 KB
alt textProject 114- BCC Parks & Recreation Department Recreation Division - Unauthorized Employee Discounts Follow-Up 1 - 09-08-04.pdf37.32 KB
alt textProject 113- Airport Property Leasing Operations - 08-18-04.pdf43.95 KB
alt textProject 112- BCC-Fleet Management & Utilities Departments-Fuel Inventory Operations Audit Follow-Up 1 - 07-23-04.pdf254.89 KB
alt textProject 111-Rogers Park & Pine Island Cash Collections Management Assurance Review - 06-10-04.pdf20.34 KB
alt textProject 110- BCC-Development Department - Inspection Operations Follow-Up Audit Phase II- 04-06-04.pdf143.36 KB
alt textProject 109- BCC-Development Department - Cash Receipts & Permitting Operations Follow-Up Audit Phase I - 04-06-04.pdf151.83 KB
alt textProject 108- Review of Long-Distance and Cellular Usage - 03-22-04.pdf106.25 KB
alt textProject 107- Risk Management Insurance Premium Billing and Insurance Tracking Process - 03-11-04.pdf10.4 KB
alt textProject 106- Unannounced Petty Cash Counts - December 2003 - 01-09-04.pdf37.32 KB
alt textProject 103- Review of Court Services' Audits of Guardianship Annual Finance Reports - 02-24-04.pdf109.54 KB
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