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Family Law and Child Support Fee Schedule


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Family Law Fees 
Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Fees
Dissolution, Marriage$408.00
Counter Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (When the original case is not already
a dissolution)
Upon the filing of a Family Law action in the Family Court, the petitioner shall pay a fee (excluding the chapters enumerated below under All Other Family Actions)$400.00
All Other Family Actions (pursuant to FS Chs. 39, 61, 741, 742, 747, 752, or 753)$300.00
Family Law Cross-Claim, Counter Claim (Except for dissolution of marriage)
(Pursuant to FS Chs. 39, 61, 741, 742, 747, 752, or 753)
Pro Se Packets - Simplified Divorce$20.00
- No Children, No Property$19.00
- Property, No Children$21.00
- With Minor Children$26.00
- Modification of Child Support$19.00
- Modification of Visitation/Custody$20.00
Domestic Violence/Repeat Violence Injunctions (Restraining Orders)No Cost
Exemplification Certificate$7.00
For Issuing a Summons (each)$10.00
For Issuing and Filing Subpoena not otherwise provided herein (including writing,
preparing, signing and sealing)
Signing and Sealing only$2.00
Copies (court files), per page$1.00
Sheriff's Fee (per summons) payable to the Sheriff’s Office (cost may vary per county)$40.00 in Hernando County
Reopen Fee$50.00
Garnishment Deposit into Attorney$100.00
Child Support Fees
Payoff Statement (money judgments)$25.00
Support Case History, per page$0.15
Clerk Fee, per payment 4%Minimum $1.00 -
Maximum $5.25
Certification of Monies Paid (preparation, signing and sealing)$7.00