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Hernando County, Florida

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Criminal Fee Schedule


Motor Vehicle Record - 3 Year$14.25
Motor Vehicle Record - 10 Year (Lifetime)$16.25
Verbal Record Search$2.00 per year
Written Record Search$2.00 per year and a $7.00 form fee
Copies - From court file$1.00 per page
Copies- Non-court file$0.15 per page
Certifying Copies$2.00 per document
Copying of Audio/Video Tapes, per tape$10.00
Exemplified Certificate$7.00
Clerk's Withhold$236.00
Expunge/Seal Filing Fee$42.00
Issuing a Summons (prepared)$2.00 per witness
Issuing a Summons (clerk to prepare)$7.00 per witness
NSF Collection Fee charged for returned checks:
for values up to $50.00$25.00
for values $50.01 to $300.00$30.00
for values $300.01 to 800.00$40.00
for values greater than $800.015%