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Foreclosure Information


Currently, foreclosure sales are held in the Atrium of the Hernando County Courthouse building located at 20 N. Main Street, Brooksville.  Effective October 8, 2015 foreclosure sales will be conducted online at  More information will be provided as the online auction information becomes available.

The Clerk's Office is responsible for conducting foreclosure sales in accordance with Chapter 45, F.S.  Sales are held at 11:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday (except on legal holidays) in the first floor lobby of the Hernando County Government Center. In order to alleviate a backlog of foreclosure sales, additional days of the week may be added. Please pay close attention to the date of the sale you are interested in. It may be a day other than Tuesday or Thursday. All sales are listed here monthly.

What happens if I am the highest bidder?

Immediately after the final bid is made and accepted for a property, you must post with the Clerk a required deposit of 5% of the final bid; this amount will be deducted from the initial auction deposit.  The remaining balance and the court registry fees must be paid no later than 5:00 pm ET on the day of the sale or the following day.  The court registry fees are calculated at 3% of the first $500 and 1.5% of the remainder.

Failure to pay the balance due of the final bid and required fees will result in the sale being declared VOID, and a resale will be scheduled.  The bidder’s deposit is non-refundable and will be used to pay all costs of the resale.  Any remaining funds from the deposit shall be applied toward the judgment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Filing fees can be found here.  Payments must be made in one of the following formats: ACH, wire transfer, cash, cashier's check, or money order made payable to the Clerk of the Court and Comptroller.  Wire transfers are the preferred method and must be initiated at the bidder's bank prior to 5:00 pm the day of the sale.

When will I receive the title?

Once all proceeds are paid in full, the Clerk will issue a certificate of sale and the bidder must then provide documentary stamps to the Clerk's Office within ten (10) days.  After the ten (10) days have elapsed, the Clerk will issue a certificate of title provided there is no other action relating to the subject proceeding.

For further information regarding foreclosure sales, please contact the Civil Division at  (352)540-6377.