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Hernando County, Florida

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Civil Court Fee Schedules


Note:  Credit card and debit card transactions shall incur an additional 3.5% service charge.


Circuit Civil Fees 
Upon the Filing of a Civil Action that Exceeds $15,000 or proceedings in the Circuit Court,
the Plaintiff shall pay a fee of
Civil Action Cross-Claim, Counter Claim or Third-Party Complaint$395.00
Mortgage Foreclosures and Real Property Actions
- Claim Value: $50,000 or less$400.00
- Claim Value: $50,001 but less than $250,000$905.00
- Claim Value: $250,001 or more$1,905.00
Foreclosure and Real Property Cross-Claim, Counter Claim, Counter Petition, 3rd Party Complaint
- Claim Value: $50,000 or less$395.00
- Claim Value: $50,001 but less than $250,000$900.00
- Claim Value: $250,001 or more$1,900.00
Severance Fee (if granted)$18.00
Each named defendant over five (5), per defendant$2.50
Per name after first four (4) named litigants$1.00
Clerk Fee for Foreclosure Sales $70.00
Exemplification Certificate$7.00
For Issuing a Summons (each)$10.00
Sheriff's Fee (per summons) $40.00
For Issuing and filing a subpoena not otherwise provided herein (including writing, preparing, signing and sealing)$7.00
Signing and Sealing Only$2.00
Notice of Lis Pendens (Recording Fee):
- First Page$5.00
- Additional Page$4.00
Medical Extension$42.00
Foreign Judgment, Issue Execution on (plus appropriate filing fee)$42.00
Eminent Domain Deposit$170.00
Writ of Garnishment$85.00
Garnishment, Attachment, Replevin and Distress$85.00
Garnishment Deposit to Attorney$100.00
Transferring a Mechanic's Lien to Security
Issuing of Certificate by Clerk$20.00
Each Additional Lien$10.00
Recording of Certificate transferring lien to security, one page$10.00
Total cash or amount of bond required as security must include: amount of lien, interest (3 years at 10%) and court costs of:$500.00
Reopen Fee$50.00
Certification $2.00
Copies (court files), per page $1.00


County Civil Fees - Civil Actions & Small Claims  
Small Claims from $0.01 - $99.99$55.00
Small Claims from $100.00 - $500.00$80.00
Small Claims from $500.00 - $2,500.00 $175.00
Small Claims from $2,500.01 - $5,000.00$300.00
County Civil Actions from $5,000.01 - $15,000.00 $300.00
Claims of not more than $1,000.00 filed with a Replevin Action$130.00
Cross-Claim, Counter Claim or Third Party Claim if relief is sought greater than $2,500.00 $295.00
Removal of Tenant Action $185.00
Reopen Fee:
- Claims not more than $500.00 $25.00
- Claims more than $500.00 $50.00
Receiving money into the Court Registry fee:
- percent of the first $500.003%
- percent of balance above $500.011.5%
- eminent domain actions, per deposit$170.00
NSF Collection Fee charged for returned checks:
- for values up to $50.00$25.00
- for values $50.01 to $300.00$30.00
- for values $300.01 to $800.00$40.00
- for values greater than $800.015%


Probate, Guardianship & Mental Health Fees 
For the opening of any estate of one document or more, including but not limited to petitions and orders to approve settlement of minors' claims; to open a safe deposit box; to enter rooms and places; for the determination of heirs if not formal administration; and for a foreign guardian to manage property of a non-resident, determination of homestead but not to include issuance of letters or order of summary and family administration$231.00
Caveat/Notice of Trust$41.00
Petition and order to admit foreign wills, authenticated copies, exemplified copies transcripts to record, homestead$231.00
For disposition of personal property without administration$231.00
Summary administration - Estates less than $1,000$235.00
Summary administration - Estates $1,000 or more$345.00
Formal administration, ancillary, curatorship or conservatorship proceedings$400.00
Guardianship of person and property$400.00
Voluntary Guardianship $400.00
Guardianship of Property$400.00
Guardianship of Person$235.00
Veterans Administration Guardianship$235.00
Petition to Determine Incapacity$231.00
Audit Inventory ($25,000 or greater)$85.00
Audit, Annual Accountings for Guardianship (unless waived by court):
- Estates valued at $25,000 or less$20.00
- Estates valued at $25,001-$100,000$85.00
- Estates valued at $100,001-$500,000$170.00
- Estates valued in excess of $500,000$250.00
Will Filed Only No Charge
Pre-need Guardian$7.50
Mental HealthNo Charge
Bond Approval $8.50